Customer Experience Secrets Revealed!

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June 24th, 2014 By Jack Morton


Barely 30 minutes into the Forrester Customer Experience event in NYC this morning and already the big reveal. Forrester’s work on Customer Experience has always focused on 3 core dimensions—Effectiveness, Ease, and Emotion. Each of these dimensions contributes significantly to the quality of your brand’s overall customer experience. But what are the drivers of those dimensions? Forrester principal analyst Megan Burns gave us a sneak peek into the most recent research into the factors that drive the most important of those dimensions in 11 of the 17 industries Forrester evaluated—Emotion. If you want to drive customer loyalty—grab them emotionally.

But how exactly do you do that? The new study reveals there are 3 drivers:

  1. Make them feel valued
  2. Resolve customer problems or issues quickly
  3. Talk to customers in plain language

Where the first 2 are kind of d’ohs—the last one is a bit of an aha. We know all you brands love your jargon (almost as much as we agencies do)—but save it for the office. Your customers want to feel valued, listened to, and treated like intelligent people – and nothing kills those feelings like an avalanche of blah blah blah.