Creativity and the future

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July 3rd, 2014 By Jack Morton

Have been part of the Sydney Social Media week advisory board (top geezers, yes that’s me at 1.21) helping craft how we can explore our theme of The Future of Now: Always On Always Connected.

For me creativity, and  the future are inextricably linked.  We just won’t make the future as shiny as it could be unless we fully harness the limitless resource of our creative potential. And our latest global research on this (on Slideshare here) has been a huge gift in this journey.

Some of the key outtakes of that research (Collaboration, Play, Freedom to fail, Ego support, Space to think, and Idea Collection)  are building my approach to the panel session, and these are the notions I’m looking at:

  • How can we achieve more through collaboration and co-creation?
  • How can we facilitate meaningful conversations, practices for devoting time to creative thinking and mindful contemplation?
  • How can we balance and preserve humanness — meaning the ability to listen, empathize, engage, focus and be present in the moment — despite the constant disruption that technology enables?

Am looking forward to my own Eureka moment. All anecdotes welcome!