The future for great online brands is offline

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June 18th, 2014 By Jack Morton


“The future for great online brands is offline.”

– Andy Dunn, Founder of Bonobos

Andy shared the thinking behind his powerful e-commerce brand turned popular brick and mortar “Guideshop” franchise and challenged the popular assumption of instant in-store gratification at the Northside Festival on Friday. Although many marketers still believe that a happy customer is a customer who leaves with product in hand, that’s not the idea behind Andy’s guideshops. Customers are invited in to try on Bonobos’ cultishly popular, tailor-made pants in a mind-blowing number of sizes and fits, make their selections and order online-because guess what? there’s no in-store inventory. Andy says 80% of people who shop in store, buy online, so how’s that for the future of retail?