Take a photo of a McDonald’s item and get it for free…but how could they have done it better?

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April 20th, 2010 By Jack Morton

This interactive McDonald’s billboard out of DDB Stockholm invites passersby to shoot the restaurant’s menu items on their mobile phones. Catch one and you get that item for free at the restaurant.

Based on yesterday’s post on The Brief In The Post Digital Age how could this great idea have been expanded?

  • How could it have been designed for sharing (post the picture to Twitter, Facebook, etc.)?
  • How could it have spawned a movement (alert McDonald fans uh likers on Facebook when the opportunity will take place and generate a flash mob)?
  • How could fan engagement be activated (place that image at street level and allow fans to insert themselves into the image)?

As my colleague Trish said “it’s a great seed.”  Imagine how it could flower.