SMW 2014: Day 1

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February 19th, 2014 By Jack Morton


This week, I am joining thousands in cities around the world in the epicness of Social Media Week: a forum for all things social+digital+ disruptive / a playground for people like me who spend way too much time on the internet.

Here’s my roundup of day 1 at the conference:

Today’s big theme: Find the right channel for your content
While Instagram is the ideal platform for visually led and content-heavy daily-fashion deal website, Gilt Groupe – Pinterest works best for beauty brand, Elizabeth Arden due to the channel’s thriving community of DIY beauty lovers and its longer shelf-life for content.

favorite quotes:

“Collaboration is the new competition.” – When asked about how she curates merchandise for This is Story‘s equal parts magazine+gallery+ever-changing retail hub,  founder Rachel Shechtman expressed that her brand’s success is hinged on its ability to facilitate collaboration between big sponsor brands and small, independent makers. By democratizing access to all brands through its open-hours show & tell sessions, Story accelerates its discovery process that gives the brand its competitive edge.

“TL;DR”– This twitter acronym stands for “Too long, didn’t read,” and according to Mashable’s Business Editor Todd Wasserman, this is the red-flag for content creators.

Now for the dirt:

Unfortunately, it can be hard to sift through the conference’s heavy dose of 3rd party-sponsored content and get to the deeper trends we’re all interested in talking about.

Too many people, not enough space! Recognizing that space constraints are always going to be a factor at events of this size, i would love if the speaker sessions were all livestreamed and immediately archived for viewing. Wishful thinking or realistic for 2014 programming?

I’ll be back at it tomorrow blogging here and tweeting from @Jackmorton!