Experience experts Apple have been caught napping

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January 21st, 2014 By Caspar Mason

Well there’s a thing: experience experts Apple have been caught napping.

Forrester Research’s 2014 customer experience study is in its third year of tracking 17 major consumer electronics firms operating in North America. For the first time, 7,500 respondents – asked to rate brands on how easy, enjoyable and effective their brand experience was – have put Samsung, Sony and Microsoft higher than Apple.


They’ve all still got a way to go before they reach Amazon’s staggering 91/100 rating…but it’s a sign that the Brand Experience wars are hotting up, as companies realise the importance of (and competitive advantage in) taking control of their experience touchpoints.

Because its not like Apple have done anything wrong (they’ve actually gone up from 80 to 81)…its just that the others have got better. And that’s a big win for the customer.