Witnessed by few, experienced by many… again

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October 17th, 2013 By Caspar Mason

Witnessed by few, experienced by many…again.

You know you’re part of a truly mass event when people don’t even need to hashtag it. When Felix Baumgartner stepped out of his pod, I saw a message on my Twitter timeline: “He’s actually doing it!” No explanation needed, because we were all in the moment.

Red Bull are fantastic at Culture Marketing. They create brand experiences with properties, events and content that draw people towards them – a brilliant example of ‘pull not push’. These experiences run the gamut of active vs passive participation, always using the live experience as a content engine: from festival activations and extreme sports events to niche participation (e.g. Red Bull Music Academy). And nothing is more niche than the eyes of the world on one man…who’s wearing a Red Bull flight suit.

The excitement of the Stratos jump has died down. So in a clever bit of content strategy, Red Bull have released the uncut POV footage of the 24 mile jump, nicely packaged with relevant data (altitude, G-force, heartrate).

It’s already gained 3m views in 3 days, so looks like another win for them.