5 essentials to ongoing web leads

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February 9th, 2011 By Jack Morton

There are countless ways to drive traffic to your site and a simple lead capture form can help your sales team convert that web traffic into sales. Once your site is established there are a few things that help bring more traffic in without extra expense, helps keep visitors coming back, and helps validate leads.

This is a vital part of any strong web strategy. It gives you site a much larger footprint for search engines to index you, making you more relevant at the same time being indexed more often. Good blog posts help build inbound links when people reference your post on their site. Most importantly it gives visitors fresh content to consume.

Advanced Content
The following are types of advanced content:
* Case Studies
* Videos
* Webinars
* Podcast, Audio
* eBooks, eZines, White Papers
* Guides, Blueprints, How-to’s
* Widgets, Scripts
* Software Trials, Beta Testing

Visitors are willing to part with their email to get access to valuable content. So having multiple value propositions is important not only to keep people coming back but to turn visitors into leads.

Helping people solve problems is of great value. Information helps solve problems. Webinars are a great way to remove the geographic barrier of sales or capabilities presentations. Creating regular webinars with actionable information will help develop an audience of likely evangelists that in turn recommend you to other. Webinars are great forums for people to ask questions and for you to hear the voice of your customer. Also webinars can be recorded and servers as videos that serve as advanced content.

Email is an essential part of any digital strategy. While email is not very effective at generating new leads from your existing lead database it is essential to nurture your list and helps qualify leads. Use emails as follow up and communication medium with your audience but don’t overdo it, too much email will make the audience feel abused.

Social Media
Social media is a great distribution channel. Social media is about building relationships, engaging, helping and sharing with people. Using social media correctly by providing useful content and engaging in conversations with your audience helps extend the distribution of your content, builds brand advocates, establishes connections to new potential customers and strengthens your SEO.

These strategies are not a silver bullet. But if you are consistent with them you will find yourself growing a lead database that converts better and better.