A real human telephone service experience

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May 11th, 2011 By Jack Morton

Katie’s post on the importance of customer service reminded me of a wonderful service experience that I recently encountered with Uline Inc., a packaging supply company. 

Calling their 800-number instantly connected me with a real person. I confirmed my name and company and their caller ID pulled up my entire customer record including samples previously ordered, billing and shipping information. I was never asked for any of this information throughout the call. Paired with exceptionally knowledgable representatives, I was able to order exactly what I needed within minutes. I was never transferred to another department or treated as if I was part of a pre-written script. Their website listed every product they offered and the representative was able to quickly direct me to photos and size tables of each of the products through a very quick numeric search query.

Using my existing customer data, eliminating touch tone menus, appearing to handle my call without a script and having a comprehensive website made my experience quick, hassle-free and highly desirable over their competition. An exceptionally fast order turn-around was the cherry on the top.

Along with TD Bank, I would consider Uline to be a great case study on how to correctly handle telephone customer service.