Are You Winning the Trade Show Game?

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March 24th, 2014 By Jack Morton

When it comes to your trade show program, are you always striving to win? Do you have a sense of how well you’re doing? We’ve developed a rate-yourself scorecard to help you figure out where you stand. Just give yourself 1 to 5 points in each category (with 5 being the highest), add up your score, and see how you did!

  • Do your trade show strategy and objectives support, complement, and ladder up to your overall marketing objectives?
    1 – What do you mean by objectives?
    5 – Yes, we establish objectives and KPI’s for trade shows specifically that align with overall business goals
  • Do you target your most critically important customers and prospects – and are you getting traction where engagement and sales are concerned?
    1 – We spend a lot of time with ‘fluff’ attendees’
    5 – We spend all our time with our targeted audiences, and navigate them through a meaningful experience
  • Is your exhibit experience one that separates you from the pack? Are those who stopped in to see you still talking about you at the bar and on the plane?
    1 – Attendees probably forget about us… if they even know we’re there
    5 – Yes! And they look forward to meeting with/talking to us soon!
  • Do you engage with your audience after the show is over?
    1 – I don’t know
    5 – Yes, we work with our sales team/booth staff to make sure there is a clear strategy for following up and personalizing communication after the show

Final Scorecard

20 points:  You are a star and are obviously doing things right.  We can help you get extra credit.

15-19 points:  No reason to panic – but there’s some room for improvement.  With a little help (ideally from us), you can move to the top of the class.

10-14 points:  Course correction required.  Reboot and rethink.  We can help your exhibit experience resonate with the people that matter most to your brand.

0-9 points:  It sounds like your overall trade show program needs to be reevaluated. Call Jack – we can help!

To see our 7 Ways to Win the Trade Show Game whitepaper on SlideShare, please click here.