What If Brand Experiences Got Smarter Every Time They Happened?

Jack Blog

February 8th, 2012 By Jack Morton

Corporate conferences are a centrifuge of rich data. Just think about it—attendees provide personal information, register for sessions, exchange business cards, present knowledge, send tweets, write blog posts, and (let’s face it) there were probably a few photos taken at the post-conference happy hour too.  

But what happens to that river of data after most conferences? Maybe an email list is assembled and used to market the event the following year. But for all intents and purposes, it just floats away. Chuck Hollis, VP Global Marketing CTO at EMC Corporation, recently blogged about the fact that big data analytics are “the next big thing in creating value from information.” It’s true. Increasingly, we as marketing professionals have to become data scientists—specialists who can make use of big data to significantly improve the quality of the work we do as a company. 

At Jack, we’re in the business of creating brand experiences that reach the people that matter most to organizations, which requires brands to show that they know their consumers. So ask your company this:

  1. What if brand experiences got smarter every time they happened?
  2. What if no two annual events were ever the same, because every year, they’re more personal and personalized?
  3. What if you were at EMC World next year and the person at the information kiosk already knew which session you were looking to get to next and that you might be interested in them making a dinner reservation at a Thai restaurant that night?

These are the questions we spend our days pondering… how can we make your brand experience work harder for you and your customers?