(Brand) Love isn’t enough

Jack Blog

February 13th, 2012 By Jack Morton


A new study by Accenture (http://bit.ly/xHldfDshows that brand love isn’t enough to keep customers loyal and focused on your brand. It’s a perfect parellel to relationships (a nod to Valentine’s Day tomorrow). An enduring feeling of loyalty isn’t enough to keep the spark alive – you have to constantly be putting effort into making the experience something worth coming back for.

And expectations go UP over time, short wait times and talking to one person to resolve your issue are now just the table stakes of customer service.

What does this mean for brands? They have to be diligent about providing a great customer experience ALL the time. And to do that, they have to start measuring each experience on its own to truly understand where the breaks occur.

Without feedback you can’t understand the true positives and negatives of your customer experience. Without measurement, you can’t improve.  And without constant improvement, customers will start to look elsewhere, brand love and all.

It all comes back to the experience. It’s why customers come, it’s why they stay, it’s why they love a brand. And when it’s not up to par…it’s why they leave.