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May 16th, 2011 By Jack Morton

Brands make themselves cut through and differentiate when they demonstrate some kind of unique relevance and carve out real, useful roles in consumers’ lives.   Lots of long words in that sentence that smack of marketing-speak, right?

Try thinking of brands in terms of happiness.  What makes you happy?  Are there any brands or experiences that really lift you up, that make you want to keep coming back just because they make you smile?   Chances are those brands are the ones you want to give your business, time, and money to.

Art student Catherine Young’s project, “Draw Happy”, has captured what makes people happy all over the world – by ambushing them with a pad and pencil and making them draw happiness on the spot.  She’s aggregated the results in an ongoing project.   There’s a great article on Brain Pickings about it.

There’s a great infographic at the end that’ll just make you smile.

Brand managers, what is your brand doing to make the world a happier place?