Brands and the Millennial/Social Media Generation

Jack Blog

July 11th, 2012 By Jack Morton

We all use it day-to-day, especially in the developing marketing world today. Social Media.  This growing media targets a wide range of audiences, but particularly the millennial generation – the social media-savvy generation.  We’re all familiar with Facebook and Twitter, but a newer form of social media, Pinterest, according to some mobile experts, is becoming an ample part of many retailers and businesses’ mobile strategy, especially with regard to brand awareness.

Pintertest – a site I have grown quite interested in lately – is a major driver of sales for multiple online retailers and well-known brands.  According to Carin Van Vuuren, chief marketing officer of Usablenet, Pinterests’ easy-to-share nature allows businesses to reach larger audiences, particularly those fond of social media, and gives the consumer more control of purchasing power via what is pinned and becomes a popular trend.  This places Pinterest as an important strategic marketing tool for businesses to shift their strategy in marketing their brands to a wide-range of audiences, particularly the millennial “social media-savvy” generation.

I think that in terms of brand awareness and utilizing social media for extended marketing purposes, Pinterest is an interesting and incredibly useful tool in reaching out to large audiences.  The trend of social media is on the rise and doesn’t look like it’ll stop any time soon, so why not use it to gauge new trends and get brand names known?