Cannes day 4: Purpose.

Jack Blog

June 20th, 2012 By Jack Morton

Theme for the day gleaned from my learnings at Cannes: purpose.

#1: Twitter

Really strong presentation from Twitter CEO Dick Costolo in which he gave the ad industry very clear advice on leveraging Twitter for brands built around their singular purpose. “Twitter brings you closer…” In answer to the question, “closer to what?” he said: “We’ve always let our users finish our sentences”; the ad industry should figure out what people’s conversation is and use that “conversation as canvas”. On top of that clearly defined purpose, he gave some great examples of “real time brands” that are using Twitter well: Burberry, H&M, P&G Tide, Audi and the producers of the movie Prometheus. 

#2: JR

The JACK Blog has gushed repeatedly over the years about the artist JR, whose presentation today was sponsored by Draftfcb and earned a completely genuine, massive standing ovation from a pretty tough crowd. He was unforgiving (but unjudgmental) about the differences between art and advertising—their limits, their motivations and yes their purpose. 

#3: Women

IPG hosted a panel breakfast on “Conversations on Women in the Advertising, Marketing, and Media Industry” with Arianna Huffington and women leaders from YUM Brands, Microsoft, L’Oreal, Draftfcb, Lowe and Fortune. I love that IPG has made a commitment this topic.

Source: @jr_artist Instagram