Categorical proof that digital engagement matters

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April 10th, 2012 By Jack Morton

How many times would you guess the average 20-something would switch media, i.e., move their attention from one piece of media content to another, in a typical (non-working) hour?

According to a report covered in this week’s Ad Age, it’s 27 times an hour.

Yes, 27 times.

That’s 27 shifts from the TV to tablet to mobile device and back with multiple windows open on each. 

For me, that’s categorical proof that engagement really does matter in the digital space. It’s not enough to create a cute-babies-snarky-humor video and wait for it to go viral. Getting people’s attention and holding it for more than a split-second really requires you to do something special. 

This is especially true of 20-somethings or “digital natives”: their propensity to switch channels, according to the study, is higher than that of “digital immigrants,” or those of us who grew up in the old media world but have become accustomed to this one, who switch only 17 times.

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