Customization: social media’s latest (and greatest) craze

Jack Blog

July 19th, 2011 By Jack Morton

It appears that the brute force behind social media is not going to slow down anytime soon. However, there is good news for those of us out there that get flustered by the masses of daily deal emails and news feed updates from near strangers, as there is a strong consensus that the all too common “information overload” is giving way to an era of far more useful, customized content.

Google+ is capitalizing on this trend, offering users a platform where they can easily specify the content that they want to send to particular people-eliminating the need to pause and think, “Should I be worried if my mom/coworker/4th grade crush sees this?”

Additionally, My Personal Shopper (Chicago’s latest coupon/deal site) has done away with the irrelevant emails that are so often sent from Groupon and Living Social. Instead, users receive updates only when one of their selected stores is offering a deal. 

With innovative social media start-ups popping up all over the world, it is impossible to say what the industry’s future will hold. However, customized content and highly targeted marketing campaigns seem like two trends that will not be leaving anytime soon.