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September 19th, 2013 By Jack Morton


Each week I ask one of our talented people to share a bit about themselves, their work, and what inspires them.


Who are you? 

Marcy Singer, VP Executive Producer, Boston. I am a world class juggler – able to keep many, many balls in the air at one time.

What is your favorite experience brand?

Ellen DeGeneres.  She has built an amazing brand for herself…and she is now in Season 11!

What are you kind of obsessed with at the moment? 

Double Stuffed Oreos…they are my kryptonite.

What makes you brave?

Being a parent. At the moment, college applications for my oldest, and embracing the fact that she (and I) are old enough for that!

Tell us about the last great experience you had, worked on, or wish you’d been a part of. 

The Arbella Distractology 101 Tour.  It’s an amazing campaign that builds awareness around the dangers of distracted driving, and teaches new drivers to avoid those dangers.  I am so proud to be a part of it, and it’s now in its 4th year in market!

What’s your alternative career fantasy?  

Either EP for the Grammy Awards or Brain Surgeon. Both are easier to explain than Brand Experience Marketer at a cocktail party!