Experience brands and the genius of “tweaking”

Jack Blog

November 16th, 2011 By Jack Morton

Last week Malcolm Gladwell published an article in The New Yorker titled “The Tweaker: Steve Jobs’s Real Genius.”  In addition to offering an excuse to the time-strapped not to read Walter Isaacson’s Jobs biography, it got me thinking about the extent to which “tweaking” is in fact one of the magical arts of great experience brands.

In Gladwell’s account, perfectionism and obsessive editorializing even more than creativity drove Jobs’s genius: he observed, he improved, he improved some more.

That’s something experience brands also do well—and yes, Jobs’s Apple is rated by consumers the greatest experience brand of them all in our forthcoming Best Experience Brands study. Experience designers observe touchpoints and obsessively improve them, adding in new touchpoints as needed. Whether they’re assessing touchpoints online or off, they look at them through a user lens, constantly reiterating to make experiences flow better, be faster and more intuitive, and ultimately be more inspiring. 

So, tweak away experience brand masters!