Facebook Takes People-Centric Ads to the Next Level

Jack Blog

January 27th, 2011 By Jack Morton

This new advertising feature by Facebook has some great promise to make advertising more contextual and social. What a great combination.

“For the past two years, Facebook has been testing its vision of an advertising marketplace based on people’s relationships to each other…”

“When a Facebook user likes an ad that appears on the home page or on the right rail of the Facebook site, Facebook has given advertisers the option to add that information to the ad when a friend of that user is served the ad.”

“A report released by Nielsen last year reported that this social layer increased purchase intent in the studied campaigns to 8% from 2% when the social context was absent.”

This is an incredible increase. Now this feature has been available for banner ads in Facebook before the new magic is that now you can customize your ads based not only on previous ad likes which are minimal but on any likes, wall posts, check-ins, and custom app interactions.