Forrester predicts mobile ad spend to exceed $1 Billion by year-end.

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January 26th, 2011 By Jack Morton

Forrester Research released a new reports that predicts that marketers will allocate about $1 billion in spend for mobile display and search advertising by year-end. Forrester predicts that marketers will use mobile marketing channels to generate real leads, drive foot traffic into stores and to sell products and services.

“Smart phone adoption is growing and with it activities typically associated with PCs, such as researching products, booking hotels, trading stocks, finding nearby restaurants, or simply browsing the Internet,”

“Consumer product and service companies will also need to promote their mobile content and services,”

“marketers will take advantage of the growing audience, targeting it better through location and behavior, as well as using richer media formats, such as video.”

– Forrester’s 2011 Mobile Trends report says.

Forrester has 9 predictions for the industry this year:

  1. Marketers will increasingly combine mobile, social & local.
  2. Lowe end smart phone will hit mass market making mobile consumption hit record highs.
  3. Mobile platform fragmentation will continue in 2011.
  4. Apps or mobile web debate will continue. Marketers need both.
  5. Increasingly mobile will bridge the physical and digital world.
  6. 4G will be more hype than impact. Few device will be available for these new networks by year-end.
  7. Convenience will be a usability target.
  8. Casual gaming will keep growing but advertisers will not follow as fast as consumers.
  9. Mobile will be much more than just mobile phones. Lots of tables are hitting the market.

“The focus for companies willing to tap into the growing mobile opportunities should be on moving from experimentation to the creation of a mobile business case and strategy”