How experience brands “change the script”

Jack Blog

November 15th, 2011 By Jack Morton

I really enjoyed Kingshuk Das’s recent article in Fast Company’s design blog about how some of today’s most successful companies “change the script”. 

It’s very evocative of Seth Godin’s well-known “purple cow”—and of what we mean when we talk about “experience brands”. Those are brands which invest in the experiences they deliver, differentiating on the basis of how unique or uniquely well-executed those experiences are.

We’ll soon release our first Best Experience Brands study, which among other things isolates some of the drivers of unique brand experiences. In addition to great products, these drivers include many examples of “changing the script,” such as: “Understands my needs”;  “Continues to serve and engage me after I’ve become a customer”;  “Exceeds my expectations”.

“In the mundane routine of our lives,” says Das, “experiences that stand out are often those that change the existing scripts.” Consumers surveyed for our Best Experience Brands study agree. Watch this space for the study, to be released 30 November.