iCloud and Consistent Brand Experiences

Jack Blog

June 7th, 2011 By Jack Morton

Apple’s release of iCloud is yet another reminder of the value of creating a consistent brand experience across channels and touchpoints.

Apple users formerly had to grapple with a seriously contradictory set of experiences — or at least those Apple users dumb enough to pay 100 bucks a year for its MobileMe service. Since I’m one of those users, I can call us dumb.

On the one hand, our brilliant iPhones and iPads create an expectation that we can go anywhere and bring our media world with us, both recording and sharing with awe-inspiring seamlessness.

But on the other hand, our bone-headed MobileMe platform restricts us to a frustratingly isolated universe where our different media orbit independently, syncing neither with one another nor the many other channels out there (e.g., Flickr). Plus, despite being beautifully designed (like all Apple products), MobileMe didn’t actually work very well (a bad precedent to set for Apple products).

Judging by the coverage, iCloud is not deemed perfect—but all agree that it’s much better. My hope is that iCloud delivers a brand experience that’s consistent with the best of Apple. Oh yeah and if I could only get that $100 back…