Ideas for a better banking experience

Jack Blog

October 17th, 2011 By Jack Morton

It will take hard work, respectful dialogue and tough changes for banks to move beyond growing public outrage over their culpability for our current economic woes. 

Meanwhile, as I stand daydreaming in the ATM line at my local bank, I’m struck by the simple things banks could do to make a better banking experience:

  • Make it a more human experience. IDEO worked with Spanish bank BBVA for 2 years to redesign the ATM experience and interface. The resulting work is included in the Museum of Modern Art’s amazing show, “Talk to Me.” 
  • Make people laugh for a change! What if a bank installed something like Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine in the place of one of their ATMs? 
  • How about rewarding smiles? Unilver created a smile-activated ice cream machine. How mind-blowing would it be if banks gave people a reason to smile at the ATM?
  • And what about making it easy for people to be good? PSFK reports on a new ecoATM that accepts old mobile phones and gives consumers the option of taking on-the-spot cash or making a donation to charity. What if banks installed one of these alongside their regular ATMs?  

Can you imagine people kissing bank ATMs like they did Coke’s delightful vending machines?