Introducing Wonder Tours…

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March 13th, 2014 By Jack Morton

What do you get when you cross a bunch of curious go-getters and red lipstick graffiti on the office restroom mirror?


Wonder Tours had its inaugural New York adventure last month following a mysterious trail of messages that led to a secret chain of unfolding events. In the face of the OTT smooch-fest of Valentine’s Day, Wonder Tours offered Jack NY employees the chance to experience the ultimate UnValentine’s. They just had to be seduced by a dash of lipstick first…

For those self-acclaimed lovers of the unknown, Wonder Tours branded cars awaited, taking them to Brooklyn’s Made in NY Media Center where, over a few glasses of wine, they learnt about the unemotional side of lust and love with the dirty secrets of internet dating apps (algorithms and all), before going head-to-head in the techy Emotional Arcade. Next stop: bottles of champagne, food to share, and heart-shaped balloons and lollipops. A surprising night of inspiration, learning, and good old drinking! To thank the lovers of the unknown for daring to join the first tour, a single red rose at their desk brightened up their UnValentine’s hangover.

Check out all the action at the official Wonder Tours Instagram page, here.

Why Wonder Tours? Why so secretive?
We find inspiration when and where we least expect it. Every employee is invited to join Wonder Tours, but they must first make a brave leap into the unknown. By not knowing what they’ve signed up for, they can’t make any pre-determination as to what they might find! Wonder Tours is on a quest to fuel curiosity and broaden creativity.