Jack Morton Hong Kong: Mini Jacks takeover

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October 25th, 2016 By Jack Morton

Jack Morton Hong Kong bring your kids to work day

What were these kids doing in our conference room? Recently, Jack Morton Hong Kong hosted a take your kids to work day!

Last Friday, we invited all of our team members to bring their kids to work for an afternoon of discovery and play. For 15 minutes, the office was in pandemonium as the mini Jacks arrived, excitedly spinning on orange chairs and chasing our production team with squeaking toys.

Teaching kids about brand experience

Explaining to your children what you do for a living is never simple, so we tasked our mini Jacks to create their own brand experience: The Jack Morton afternoon tea party.

The mini Jacks took over a conference room to decide on a theme. They also designed invitations and face masks and decorated cakes for the party.

Jack Morton Hong Kong bring your kids to work day

They distributed invitations to our staff, and at 5pm, the tea party began.

The kids walked away with a better sense of their parents work and an understanding of some of the aspects that go into creating an experience for others. We loved their energy and their enthusiasm.

Here’s to the parents of Jack Morton Hong Kong, who give their all at the office and at home. Bravo!