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September 29th, 2016 By Jack Morton

Jack Morton London SnapJACK

Diversity is about welcoming and celebrating different cultures and backgrounds. But it’s also about the smaller things, the things that light us up. It’s our differences that make us extraordinary. Our open-mindedness and diverse ways of thinking are what make creative agencies like ours thrive.

I AM JACK is our agency initiative to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace across our global agency. We created an I AM JACK  team, and we’ve been on a mission ever since. Although we’ll ultimately engage the wider community, we thought we’d start at home – by celebrating and discovering more about the inspiring people we already have within the agency.

This is when SnapJACK was born.

What is SnapJACK?

SnapJACK is a digital photo mosaic hosted on Instagram and created by the people here at Jack Morton London. Our aim was to shine a light on the lives of the people we work with every day, a simple way to showcase our diversity that people could engage with whenever and wherever. Many people in the office were already sharing their interests and talents outside of work on various social networks, so we tapped into this and brought everyone together under one account.

We came up with a series of themes to inspire people to take and share photos with the group. Our launch theme was…

I AM JACK. Who are you?

People were encouraged to upload photos that tell us a bit about themselves. Maybe they’re a professional ballet dancer, a budding artist or an incredible cook. Maybe they just really love iced lattes from Pret and weekend walks by the river. Whatever it is, we wanted to check it out!

The plan is to have a new theme for each month, but people have been encouraged not to be limited by these themes. The account is open to anything and everything. It’s also been a great way for us to share our on-site photos.

So far, we’ve seen a very diverse bunch indeed. The feed flips from Andrew Thomas’ encounter with an inflatable lobster, to Pavlina’s private coffee stash and then to a giant tortoise with a tiny leaf. SnapJACK has also shown us lots of surprising gems of talent we didn’t even realise we have.

I love checking in, always looking forward to what weird and wonderful things we’ll see next.


Our next theme will be Treats. We’re asking people to show us the different things that we deem as a treat, and the different reasons why we treat ourselves. (Prepare for a photographic gallery of the chocolate fridge.)

Come and check us out if you ever find yourself visiting Acton. Our doors are always open.