Joe Satriani and HTML 5

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January 23rd, 2014 By Jack Morton

Whilst scratching my head as to what to write for this, my premier blog post, I stumbled across this website. Now i’ll be the first to admit that I was looking for some inspiration and hoping I could find a nice piece of content that I could most probably reblog. Hence saving myself some time in a day where I have eight hours of back to back meetings. What struck me though as I scrolled down through the article was not the story but the use of the HTML 5 in the UI. Now HTML 5 is nothing new but this god awful overuse of animated elements feels akin to a late 80’s Joe Satriani album. All filler, no killer, using every scale and every note to prove ones virtuosity for the sake of it. It feels like the designer must have had a deep seated fear of white space, and serenity and no notion of user experience. The overriding purpose of the site is to facilitate the viewing of information, by distracting the user with pop-ups and flying tweets we degrade the experience.

My take away is that an innovative technology doesn’t necessarily make for an innovative idea, and if in doubt, less is always more.

Damn it I’m now late for my first meeting!…