New Image for Pink Slime?

Jack Blog

August 9th, 2012 By Jack Morton



In 2001 a new type of meat filler was brought to the beef industry that reduced the risk of ecoli, lowered beef prices and decreased the fat in beef.  This filler, technically known as “Lean Finely Texted Beef” (or LFTB) was instead dubbed the name “Pink Slime” due to its distinct appearance during the time of its consumer recognition.

At least that’s what some of the “meat state” governors are hoping as they aim to reintroduce LFTB and rebrand pink slime with the new slogan “Dude, it’s beef.”

After showing off t-shirts branded with this slogan, Americans were outraged at the audacity of claiming that the ammonia and citric acid exposed byproduct of beef trimmings, cartilage and tendons could possibly be considered meat.

Pink Slime, however, is not dangerous and brings numerous benefits to the beef industry, but it simply sounds repulsive.  I have to wonder had the creators of LFTB beaten the FDA in giving their product a catchy consumer friendly name, would the outcome would have been different?