Nike minus minus

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February 15th, 2012 By Jack Morton

File this under ‘how to turn an advocate into a detractor in 12 minutes’.

Just for a little context – I probably run more than I should and obsess way too much for my own good. So of course I’m taken with the whole gamification of life (I just KNOW I can beat the mpg I got on that last tank of gas). Which is why I love the idea of the new Nike+FuelBand and have been on the email list to “pre-order”. Great so far. I wear my original Nike+ every day and the brand is making me feel like I’m part of a special club of people (well, special if you think running excessively and obsessing is special).

Anyhow. This is how it went down early this morning. I got an email that invited me to pre-order. I went to the site, hit pre-order, and got a message saying…nothing really. Just wouldn’t proceed. Turns out pre-ordering wouldn’t open til noon today. OK. Work, work, work. It’s 12:08. I try again to “pre-order”. Site chugs (I mean, whose site chokes on traffic spikes these days?). Submit. Nothing. Submit. Nothing. Submit – goes through. Fill out all info – address, payment, shipping. Submit. Sold out. Selling out of pre-orders? Interesting concept. It’s 12:12 p.m.

So I’m left sitting here thinking I went through all this so Nike can claim they sold out in 12 minutes? Not impressed. Not a fan. No longer an advocate. I’ll feed my obsessions someplace else.