Six New Realities of Corporate Reputation

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February 2nd, 2012 By Jack Morton

Just in case anyone was still wondering, yes, your reputation does precede you (especially in crucial emerging markets China and Brazil).

 A recent international study on brand reputation from sister agencies Weber Shandwick and KRC Research uncovered just how important a good brand reputation is to consumers across markets.  Nearly 9 in 10 consumers in China (87%) completely or mostly agree with the statement, “More and more, I check labels to see what company is behind the product I’m buying.” In Brazil it was 3 of 4. This contrasts sharply with the responses of comparatively jaded consumers in the US (only 57% completely or mostly agree) and UK (48%).

Roughly the same percentages said they try to buy products made by a company that does good things for the environment or community. The study’s “Six New Realities of Corporate Reputation” are great reminders that your brand is what your brand does.