Social Networks to Watch in 2013

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January 14th, 2013 By Jack Morton


What it is: Pretty sure most of us are familiar with Myspace, you remember… that thing before Facebook. Well, it’s back and better than ever. The new layout is so clean and beautiful (it feels similar to Pinterest). The site focuses on social music, something that no other network has nailed yet.

Why you care: Social music is a beast that has yet to be tamed. If Myspace gets it right, they can be the go-to place for artists and their fans. And having Justin Timberlake as an investor doesn’t hurt.


What it is: A network that mashes up all of your favorite qualities from existing sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Users can post statuses, share large photos, upload and stream multimedia. Early adapters include celebs like Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus.

Why you care: Not only does Pheed allow users to share any kind of digital content, they have a plan for monetization. Users who create content can charge others who want to access it. CEO, Tony Kobo, believes this encourages the creation of high quality content. Look for Pheed to be the next Twitter-like platform to follow influencers and receive exclusive content.


What it is: Nextdoor is a different kind of social network, one that connects you with the people in closest proximity to you, your neighbors. The network is private, allowing neighbors to keep all information shared between them. The site encourages a sense of community (real community), allowing members to organize events, promote neighborhood safety and communicate regularly.

Why you care: They scored $18.6 million in funding. If that’s not a reason to watch them, I don’t know what is! Funding aside, Nextdoor is one of many new networks that connects a very specific group or community in a local way.


What it is: Medium is not the typical social network, it’s what many are calling social publishing  Rethinking publishing, Medium mashes up news, original content and social. Users can post or share content and organize it into “collections”.

Why you care: Launched by some of the biggest names in the startup scene, Medium is in prime position to be the thought leadership platform. The draw here is to eliminate noise by only interacting with the content in user chosen collections.


What it is: A social network strictly for cat lovers. Enough said.

Why you care: Because everyone loves cats.