Space Flight 50 Years Later

Jack Blog

April 12th, 2011 By Jack Morton

Today is the 50th anniversary of humans entering space. This was a huge accomplishment that opened opportunities for new research, which led to many of the discoveries of the last half-century. It yielded deep national pride for the Soviets and an imminent sense of the need to capture the moon for the Americans.

This is an analogy for brands: where’s the new frontier to cross? Who’s leading the way? Who needs to catch up? What are the new discoveries? What’s the competition doing?

And now fast forward to today: the US space program is winding down and humans may for the first time in history be moving slower than in previous generations (walking to horses to trains to cars to air flight to space to ???).

So what do brands need to do to keep the momentum moving? Was your brand’s last campaign like a sustained rocket ship? Or did it fizzle out?

Shout out to Google for the cool landing page today and NPR’s article!