Super (Social) Bowl Bets, Anyone?

Jack Blog

February 3rd, 2011 By Jack Morton

Anyone want to place a bet on how long it will take the social media impressions of a Super Bowl ad to outpace its TV viewers?

There were 106 million viewers of the 2010 Super Bowl. As of September, only the top 2 of the top 10 viral videos of all time had passed that mark (… but they took about 40 months and 15 months respectively to reach the 100 million mark.

Taking the #3 viral campaign of all time and #1 of 2010 (Old Spice) as an example, which is around 60 million after about 8 months….

I am going to place a bet that this year it will take less than 2 months for this number to be reached.

Any takers?