Three Brands Rocking the Retail Space

Jack Blog

November 14th, 2013 By Jack Morton


Inspired by JACK’s recent white paper about the value of the brick & mortar experience, here are three examples of brands kicking major booty in the retail space:

1.H&M’s new 4-story flagship store in Times Square (launching Jan 1) redefines the path-to-purchase by allowing customers to make their purchases from the dressing-room.

2. Under Armour‘s “experience store” in Shanghai is the ultimate hybrid of entertainment and shopping. Visitors are first introduced to the space with an immersive video featuring Olympic athletes’ stories. After the video, performance trainers (read: sales reps) guide guests through the store’s selection of apparel. CEO, Kevin Plank put it brilliantly, “we lead first with our story and bring the people into the best Under Armour experience possible before we ask them to try our merchandise.”

 3.Intel’s pop-up stores: The B2B brand makes a brave leap onto the streets with the launch of its line of pop-up shops targeting consumers.  The dynamic space will transform 3x daily and will allow visitors to test-drive Intel products and enjoy free coffee and movies. Maybe, I’m just a sucker for free coffee and movies, but chances are I’m not alone. This is a smart move for a brand in major need of an awareness boost.