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July 9th, 2013 By Jack Morton


Hot off the heels of Cannes Lions (which don’t get me wrong, was great!), I’ve decided I need a bit of a detox from the agency world. Not doing the actual work, but so often it feels like we look so much within our own space for inspiration and innovation and, well, I’m tired and bored. 

Inspired by Baratunde Thurston’s #unplug from Digital life—I’m going to try an #unplug from agency world. What does this mean?

It means when I’m looking for cool interactive experiences, I’ll look to the music and arts world. When I’m trying to think about agency structure and teaming, I’ll look into how start-ups or university labs structure their teams. When I’m looking for innovation, I’ll look to the frustrated edges of makers and artistic culture—and then I think I’ll think about how to apply that to the work here.

First up, I’ve been looking into how online education (hello MOOC!)—both the formal and informal kind are reaching users and how they’re distributing content. This 2nd annual MAKER CAMP (a collaboration between Google+ and MAKE magazine) is a lovely way of inspiring kids and often times creating moments of co-creation between parents and wee ones. Check it out. This is the ONE TIME I wish I was a tween again.