Use u’r Laptop or Tablet without touching it!

Jack Blog

February 4th, 2011 By Jack Morton

eyeSight has just released software that allows users to use their Android Tablet or Windows based Device (Tablet, Laptop or PC) with hand gestures, Xbox Kinect style. Remember the Minority report? I don’t think this will not go main stream yet. As with first versions of anything revolutionary technology it will take a while before kinks are hammered out and a full feature set is put in place for mass adoption. I see this mostly as a novelty and advertisers have an opportunity to use this novelty to wow consumers. I see some compelling use cases in fields like medicine or other fields where users benefit from not touching the devices they interact with, but by far marketers will come up with the most ingenious ways to use this nascent interface technology. I would love to hear your ideas for applications, kiosks and sites that could use this type of interface to wow you.