Vote for your favorite Jack-o’-lantern in the 2015 pumpkin-carving contest

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October 30th, 2015 By Jack Morton

Each Halloween, our New York office holds a pumpkin-carving contest, and the entries never disappoint in being ideas-led, creative creations (like the work we do at Jack).


Thank you to everyone who voted in our inaugural reader pumpkin poll — the results are in, and we have a tie! This year’s winners are Break Halloween: Kim Kardashian and Jack shit. Check out all of the pumpkin entrants and full polling results below.

When we have particularly tough briefs to crack, we call in extra help for a “microwave” brainstorm, which this team recreated here.

Netflix and chill
Most of you already get this…if you don’t, UrbanDictionary can tell you. Not pictured: smoke from the dry ice inside the pumpkin.

Winner: Jack shit
Thought you knew how to make a pumpkin pie? Think again…

The guac-ing dead
Definitely the most delicious of this year’s entries.

What election-season Halloween would be complete without some political parody? Trumpkin was designed by our Broadcast Design team, who built the set of the Fox News Republican Debate.

Winner: Break Halloween: Kim Kardashian
Inspired by last November’s PAPERMAG cover, Kim K. graced our offices with her infamous behind.

Prisoners of Jack
Sometimes a tight deadline means you’re in the office for a bit longer than you’d like, trapped in with the monsters of Jack. This pumpkin is in honor of those times.

C.R.E.A.M. – MDV
Mike Del Vecchio, or MDV as we call him, is head of Finance in New York. Not pictured: the loop of the Wu-Tang Clan’s C.R.E.A.M. (cash rules everything around me).

E.T. (in pumpkin form) sits in the basket of this bicycle, complete with red hoodie so you (or the Managing Director of our New York office, Rob McQueen) can dress as Elliott and take a selfie as you soar through the night sky.