What brands can learn from Phil Collins

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August 25th, 2011 By Jack Morton

Consistency coupled with constant innovation.

That’s what helped Mr. Collins move more than 100 million records with Genesis and more than 100 million on his own.

He was never the sexiest pop star. He was never the tallest. But he was unarguably one of the most popular. Despite corporate mergers and line-up changes his voice remained true: instantly recognizable and utterly accessible.

He wasn’t afraid to innovate. From backing vocalist to lead vocalist, from drums to keyboards, from brand collaborations (Marilyn Martin and Phil Bailey) to trans-Atlantic Concorde flights (Live Aid 1985).

His only stumble? When he extended his brand too far and decided to act!  It was a brand stretch that snapped right back. (Insert any number of similarly guilty brands here.)

That consistency and constant innovation has firmly placed Phil at the heart of global pop culture and commercial success. Eminem name-checked In The Air Tonight, the Cadbury gorilla served up a sample of said same track, while Patrick Bateman loved and lived to the sound of Sussudio.

Against all odds, take a look at him now. 

Disclosure notice: my name is also Phil (but I prefer Philip).