What people will want from brands in 2015

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December 2nd, 2014 By Jack Morton

As we enter the final stretch of 2014, many of us are looking back at our successes and…almost-successes of the past year.

Here at Jack, we are looking forward.

From digital detoxing to embracing the power of “nice”, we’ve noticed a few trends that are shaping up to be influential in brand experience going into the new year. What ties them all together? It’s people’s expectations, needs and desires that are driving these trends—that will determine their impact and longevity. The brands that understand this and interpret the trends through a people-centric lens will have a much better chance of intuitively connecting with people to foster brand love and steer the path to purchase.

In our latest white paper, learn what people will want from brands in 2015, and see our tips on how to interpret these trends in a meaningful way.

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