Creating experiences to make you RETHINK your behavior

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October 24th, 2014 By Jack Morton

We’ve heard it before: drinking sugary drinks is giving us diabetes, making us fat, and causing us to die slow and horrible deaths.

Cities are trying sign cuts in soda portions into law, McDonald’s has done away with Supersizing, and these days there’s a ‘diet’ everything.

Still the problem exists.

What experience can be created to get people to open their eyes and rethink their behavior?

With the help of the West Coast Jack Morton team, Current and DDB, Brita went beyond telling people water is better than soda to focus on the visual aspect of the story.

Let’s show people what doctors have been talking about all along.

How many sugar cubes are consumed in one can of soda?

What does it look like when you’ve had a soda a day for a year?

What does it look like when a family of four has a can of soda a day over the course of a lifetime?

From this, Sugar Buildings was created: a replica of a city made entirely out of sugar cubes… 7,000 lbs of sugar cubes, to be exact!

Over a 3-day period this city was showcased in New York City’s famous Chelsea Market. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m reaching for a glass of water right about now.