New Brand Internal Launch

Reinvigorating the workforce at an iconic American brand

New Brand Internal Launch

For the big reveal, Jack Morton was tasked with designing an event that felt big, was impactful and entirely transformative – getting the Staples sales force inspired and making them aware, engaged and excited about the company’s new direction.

Staples is a 30-year-old iconic American brand synonymous with work/life. But when the company underwent a series of significant business transformations, it found that its work/life balance was off. To get it back on track, the company needed to reinvigorate its workforce and demonstrate that it was moving in the right direction.

We designed ‘Work it. Live it’- a day and a half experience that would engage, inspire and excite employees and convince them that the brand was back on the path to growth. Our theme was conveyed at every turn along with total brand and product immersion.  The experience kicked off with the unveiling of the “Wi-Li” Challenge – an interactive, region-based game. As guests were welcomed into the general session space, they were blown away by an immersive 250’ panoramic LED screen where performer “PeteBox” – delivered a dynamic vocal looping and beat-box inspired performance.

Day 1 was “Work it” – when Staples revealed five new product brands and a new master brand with a music-driven visual experience. As part of the climax, two newly branded 20’ Staples delivery trucks drove into the space followed by 40 brand ambassadors. Day 2 focused on “Living it” – launching new products, tools, strategies and stories aimed to excite the salesforce. This was done through great storytelling, panel discussions, stunning media and special guest appearances by Daniel Pink, a business visionary and Chris Gardner, author of the Pursuit of Happiness.


The experience was a hit. Employees left enthralled with 95% saying they felt confident about the new strategy and mission of the brand, and most attendees (97%) found the presentations and product showcases valuable. Suffice it to say, the work/life balance was officially restored.

Confidence also ran high post-meeting on the five new brands, ranging from 97% for TRU RED and Perk, to 95% for NXT Technologies, and 94% for Union& Scale and Coastwide.

As for the meeting itself, 97% found the mainstage presentations and the product showcase valuable – with 81% finding the product brand showcase extremely valuable.

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