Navigating brand experience in a hyper-personalized world

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April 5th, 2021 By Damian Ferrar

Note, this is the second of a series of three excerpts from our latest Jack X brand experience trends paper. Each of these excerpts will give you a brief overview of the the landscape shifts we are witnessing. To download the full paper, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

personalized brand experience

There are 7 billion people on the planet (and counting) – each one with distinct needs. Yet food, medicine, clothing, communications – basically anything you can think of – comes ‘as standard’. In the future, this will be seen as an inefficient, ineffective and even inhumane way to live. We are entering a hyper-personalized world, in which everything we eat, own, and consume will be tailored to our physical, psychological, and social needs. Metamorphic design is reshaping the world to individual needs. Products and services are emerging using personal data to provide bespoke services.

And while CMI 2020 trends say 39% of brands say they’re delivering personalized experiences in real time; this number is expected to rise. The brands that successfully scale these services will gain a competitive advantage as hyper-personalization becomes the expectation. There are examples of these successes across industries. In Japan, they are printing 3D sushi particularly designed for individuals’ nutritional needs based on DNA samples. And global pharmaceuticals are working to perfect personalized medicine that can be customized based on gender, body type and genetics. At one of the few industry gatherings of 2020, L’Oréal announced its Perso device at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The gadget uses real-time data and trend analysis to create highly personalized skincare products. Unlike skincare photography of the past Perso will analyze features like deep wrinkles, pore visibility, and dark circles, and combine with environmental factors like weather, UV index, and humidity, based on geolocation data, bringing intelligent design into product design.

Forget blanket broadcasts. Welcome to ‘mass one-to-one.’

Content and communications are also evolving from standardized, blanket broadcasts to highly tailored and contextualized messaging, using a sophisticated infrastructure built on data. Today, according to ‘Trendwatching’ only 39% of brands say they’re working on personalized brand experiences — but they are the ones experiencing market cut-through. Mass personalization is only possible with high-quality data; typically, first-party data which is protection compliant. It is data like this powering Proctor & Gamble’s recent programmatic-creative. These individualized campaigns are the first stage in CMO Marc Pritchard’s vision for a world with no ads, just one-to-one branding building messaging on a global level. But this level of bespoke interaction is not limited to personal devices. At Jack, we have been developing eye-tracking software to customize screens in real time depending on who is looking at the display. Technology like this will bring the personalization of mobile and digital platforms to physical environments.

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