What does the world’s first event powered by nature look like?

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November 27th, 2023 By Jack Morton

Can you imagine plants that tell stories when tapped? Or lamps that are plants that light up with a touch? It sounds unreal but it’s happening. For the first time, sustainability is being used not only as a tool to avoid worsening our impact on the planet, but to revive its natural life, and brand experiences will be able to benefit.

world’s first event powered by nature

Kevin Palmer, Creative Director at Jack Morton London, invited guest Pablo Vidarte, CEO and Founder of Bioo – a biotech company focused on the biotechnological transformation of our world – to join us on the latest Jack X podcast episode.

Together, they delved into how we can create a biotech world, from the world’s first biotech city, to parks, buildings and events through plant power and human touch. How does it work? We can generate energy from the earth using microorganisms that decompose it, as they do in nature, to set electrons free. These biological batteries produce water as a by-product and can even compensate temperature changes.

This energy is being integrated into gardens, green roofs, and ceilings. These transformations will dramatically change the way we see buildings, as the amount of green spaces in cities will increase, absorb CO2, and even create an economical return on investment just from the energy and water saved.

On top of this economical and sustainable impact on the world, there’s more: The experiential impact. We have technology able to transform living plants into biological switches. The events of the future will literally make people connect with nature. By touching a plant, they’ll be able to activate lights, sounds, screens or even create music. At Bioo, they’ve made pianos and mixing boards with plants, and created lamps out of plants that turn on with a light touch.

world’s first event powered by nature

How and when will this be real? The short answer is now. At the last Mobile World Congress, these systems were implemented and brands around the world are starting to use them. It’s transcending to museums, hospitals, hotels, residential buildings, and entire city transformations.

As a global brand experience agency, it’s our duty to strive to reduce our carbon footprint for the experiences we create. Seeing a new product which is genuinely a game changer is incredibly exciting. Creating immersive experiences is about engaging all the senses – and touch is a sense which is often overlooked. We learn through touch so introducing biotech into that world which then triggers something unexpected – like sound or light – is really engaging and brings another color to our palette to create more immersive experiences.

The world is already beginning to adopt this new transformation and we expect it to become standard in urban projects, events, fairs, retail, on our streets, in our homes and parks. Bioo’s vision goes beyond the ordinary and amazes the people enjoying those spaces, creating disruption for generations to come. We have a deep connection to the natural world and bringing nature inside, designing responsibly and using nature to communicate is an exciting prospect.