Cannes Lions: How to become legendary

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June 22nd, 2016 By Jack Morton

Within the core of Jack Morton, there is a calling to always Do Something Extraordinary with the experiences we produce. This purpose as an agency is what enables us to do better work and lead more fulfilling lives.

Our philosophy couldn’t align better with the values of the Guinness World Records. This organization is not only the global authority on record-breaking achievements, but also helps people and organizations realize their full potential by putting them on the world stage. For them, it is more than setting records—it is about inspiring the world to do something extraordinary.

Their session, “Be a legend in your own lunch hour,” revealed what it takes for a brand to be Officially Amazing. They said that the legendary brands and campaigns that have stood out from the crowd by being the World’s Best at something had five key ingredients:

1. Imagination

In Jaguar’s case, they wanted to set a world record for the biggest 360-degree loop de loop. They drew inspiration from a child’s Hot Wheels car that someone dared to scale up in real life.

2. Differentiation

LG set out to build the world’s tallest house of cards. If that wasn’t enough, they decided to place it on top of their new washing machine. This unique creative concept not only showcased their product in its full capacity but also incorporated a level of wonder into the experience.

3. Dedication

All legendary record holders have an essential attribute—they were 100% committed to their goal of breaking a record. Doing something extraordinary takes an extraordinary amount of time, effort and work; a casual approach merely leads to mediocre results.

4. Validation

Of course, record holders need to be validated to ensure that the record is completely legitimate.

5. Amplification

In order to get recognized for an amazing feat, one must spread the news around! This is why, when Intel decided to break a world record of flying 100 drones simultaneously, their CEO decided to reveal the news on a huge, global stage—at CES in Las Vegas. The video received 5 million views, and their website averaged seven minutes per view.

As marketers, we must always aim for amazing. Only then can we produce work of lasting value, work that’s truly extraordinary.

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