The future of healthcare is through experience

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May 26th, 2016 By Jack Morton

Experience and healthcare

In APAC CIO Outlook, our own Vinny Panchal, Client Services Director, Jack Morton Sydney, discusses the need for a positive brand experience in healthcare:

Recently I found a small lump in my eye so I went and got it checked out. What followed was a series of different tests; MRIs, X-Rays…you name it, I had it.

A week later and I’m sitting at the Doctor’s office ready to discuss the findings. He arrives into the room with panic in his eyes. You can imagine what’s going through my mind!

As he sat me down he explained to me that he had misplaced his external CD-ROM drive, which meant he couldn’t take me through my X-Rays.

What astounded me most in that moment was the sheer lack of sophistication AND integration in the systems the medical experts are using to keep track of my health. And this is in sharp contrast to the cutting edge tech they use to assess me.  Think about the last time that you visited your Doctor. Does my experience sound familiar?

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