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June 8th, 2015 By Jack Morton

Our Senior Associate Strategist, Lewis Robbins, presented at Cannes Lions 2015 on the science of sensory branding:

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From the moment we’re born, our senses make up the fabric of our experiences. They’re entwined with our emotions, anchored in our memories, and according to new research that’s challenging the tenets of Western philosophy, our experience in the physical world has an unconscious effect on how we think, feel and behave.

It’s no surprise then our senses have the power to shape our perception of brands, affecting how intuitively we connect with them, and how credible we perceive their messages to be, whether it’s at a single touchpoint or across the entire customer journey. What is surprising is that many brands quite literally take leave of their senses – and the resulting disconnect between what a brand says and how it feels can leave a bad taste in our mouths.

This eclectic, illuminating and interactive talk weaves together key strands of scientific research, from synesthesia to sensory metaphors, to reveal the three critical drivers of multisensory brand experience – and how you can harness them to create a more impactful, holistic experience that will ultimately change the way people feel – and behave – in relation to brands.


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About Lewis:
As Senior Associate Strategist for leading brand experience agency Jack Morton, Lewis is fascinated by the process of developing new and innovative techniques that brands can use to communicate with people on a deeper, more intuitive level. To this effect, Lewis has amassed an encyclopaedic knowledge of research in various fields across science and psychology. He employs it in the creation of global product launches, exhibitions, and many other experiential activations designed to engage and inspire. His expertise has been employed on work for leading brands including Ericsson, Wella and Samsung. Lewis’ area of particular interest is the interaction between the environment and psychology. This can be traced back to his studies at Cambridge, and is reflected in his parallel life as a printmaker, where he regularly ventures to bold and unusual places across the UK in search of inspiration.