Climbing together: supercharge your career through mentorship

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January 31st, 2024 By Jack Morton

Beautiful young brunette sitting in cafeteria, drinking coffee and flirting with her boyfriend.For some, January may be the dead of winter, but it’s a season of blossoming potential at Jack Morton. Why? January is also National Mentorship Month, a time to celebrate the importance of guidance and support in shaping successful careers. 

At Jack Morton, we believe that every individual has the potential to blossom, and fostering an environment of continuous learning and mutual support is crucial to nurturing that potential. Last year, we launched our global mentorship program, Beanstalk, which pairs experienced mentors with eager mentees for a six-month journey of mutual growth and learning. Beanstalk helps our people navigate their career paths and create a stronger sense of belonging within the organization. Originally developed in our Detroit office, Beanstalk proved so beneficial to our employees that we decided to take it global.  

Why is mentorship so crucial for career development and success? Navigating the professional world alone can be daunting. You might stumble upon the right path eventually, but it’s much easier and faster to get where you want to go with a seasoned guide by your side. A mentor can be that guide – someone who’s already climbed the ladder and can show you the shortcuts, prepare you for the pitfalls, and help you see hidden treasures you might miss on your own. 

As Stephanie O’Connor, HR Director, so eloquently puts it, “Participating and partnering in leading Beanstalk, our mentorship program, has been a transformative experience for me. Connecting globally with employees through this program has truly enriched my journey, and I’m grateful for the opportunities it has created. It is a testament to Jack Morton’s commitment to employee growth and a supportive work culture.” 

John Rehm, SVP, Global Marketing Services, advocates for mentorship and describes being a mentor as “extremely energizing and rewarding.” He says, “I am so impressed by everyone I have mentored, which tells me Jack’s future is in good hands. I love having philosophical conversations with mentees and strategically discussing business or any issue they may have. The ‘aha’ moments are priceless, and I feel grateful to be able to share my experiences and hopefully be a positive influence. I am also grateful to work for a company that embraces and supports mentoring.” 

For mentees like Senior Administrative Assistant Whitney Goncalves, the program offers a springboard for personal and professional growth. Whitney echoes this sentiment:  

“I love learning, so I was thrilled to sign up for our mentorship program. Through Beanstalk, I’ve enjoyed continuous learning and the unique opportunity to connect with global mentors who provide insight, support, and guidance. Having mentors willing to create opportunities for me to explore different parts of the business has been incredibly valuable for my professional development as I continue to grow in my supportive role. It has helped me gain new perspectives, develop new working methods, and become a more effective contributor. Plus, it’s been a lot of fun!” 

The positive impact of mentorship can transcend professional gains. Sébastien Klein, SVP, Group Strategy Director, sees the program as a catalyst for holistic growth:  

“Growth is a process and encompasses various interconnected aspects of life. Professional growth is intellectual growth is personal growth. My mentors have been unmatched catalysts for my growth, enabling all aspects of human learning and development – through questioning, observation, imitation, adaptation, cultural transmission but also rejection, elimination, and reinvention. They have been great advocates, guides, and connectors, yet they also wouldn’t shy away from pushing me. Great mentors don’t see themselves as anything else than lifelong mentees.” 

For Brent Culver, Account Director, GMC Brand Experience, the connections created, and doors opened through Beanstalk have been a game-changer. He shares, “Thanks to having a mentor, I’ve had unique opportunities to engage in conversations with experiential marketing leaders at a personal, tailored level – something that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. These mentor relationships have extended well beyond the official phase of the program when I’ve needed advice or to bounce ideas around. Now, as a mentor myself, I get to pay it forward by sharing my experiences and guiding others in kickstarting their careers and growth at Jack!” 

The seeds of your potential are waiting to sprout. These stories are just a handful of ways mentorship enhances our employee experience and inspires our people to experience better. Every interaction, conversation, shared experience contributes to the program’s purpose, creating a supportive environment where individuals thrive, and Jack Morton’s future brightens.