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September 21st, 2016 By Jack Morton

/ˌvēˌīˈpē/: A very important person.

Synonyms: celebrity, famous person, star, superstar

On Friday, August 19th, Jack Morton Princeton’s team members invited our most important people– our partners and other family members–to join us for the day to learn more about Jack, and to learn more about each other.

The day began with a red carpet step & repeat as the VIPs made their way into the office, while being interviewed and photographed by the Princeton “paparazzi.”


What do you know about Jack Morton?

“You do wonderful work.” – Irene Brown

“You work on events, you make banners, you make displays.” – Meryl Menashe

“He always says ‘tradeshows, shows and events’–making a show out of something that’s not usually a show.” – Liane Librizzi

“Very little!” – Steve Koerner

Next, Jay Menashe, New Business Director, led an office tour. Each department provided a brief overview of their day-to-day tasks, allowing our visitors to get an understanding of what we really do.

After that, we asked our visitors to take part in a creative challenge. This workshop consisted of a mock client RFP seeking three different type of activations for a new lipstick product launch. Our VIPs broke off into groups and began to bounce around ideas. We realized we were surrounded by creative individuals in our personal lives each and every day!

Alexandra Daniello, Creative Associate, shared a case study presentation highlighting some of the awesome projects we have executed. From The Late Show with Stephen Colbert set build and beyond, we highlighted the variety of work we do.

From The Late Show with Stephen Colbert set build and beyond, we highlighted the variety of work we do.

To end the day, we played the quick question game “What Am I?” – Jack style! We created our very own deck of cards containing words associated with what we do: tradeshow, broadcast set, capabilities, even the name of our Managing Director’s dog! Team VIP beat team Jack… but if you ask me, we let them win.

Overall, the our VIP day was a great success! We conducted an exit interview and follow-up survey to provide insight on what our visitors were able to take away:

What did you learn today?

 “I learned that Jack Morton’s experiences don’t just happen outside the building, but inside the building. We had so much fun today, and I learned so much. You guys do a lot!” – Liane Librizzi

“Jack Morton is a great company to work for. Everyone seems to be a team player; if somebody can’t do it, somebody else picks up the slack, and it seems like everyone just gets along great!” – Tina Villa

“I learned that this company does a wonderful array of things. The word I’m looking for is…EXTRAORDINARY.” – JoAn Anton Reisher

Jack Princeton can’t wait for next year’s event!