On International Women’s Day, the women of Jack Morton West Coast delivered at Google Next ’17

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March 13th, 2017 By Jack Morton

This past week, our West Coast team delivered three days of content and experience for Google’s Cloud team at Google Next ‘17.  From the set design, to the walk-in animation and the incredible opening moment, to the captivating visuals on screen, to the execution – the work was extraordinary. I couldn’t be more proud of our team! The blood, sweat and tears that have gone into this were more than evident to the clients, the audience and to the people watching around the world on the livestream.

For those who saw the Keynote on Monday, you saw that Diane Greene (Google’s SVP of Cloud) took a moment during the show to pause onstage and acknowledge her red ribbon in recognition of International Women’s Day. (See here. Side note, our extraordinary team made these ribbons for our crew, which resulted in the Google Executives and Core Team asking for some!) Diane talked about her career and how she’s proud to be a woman in an industry dominated by men.

It reminded me that I’d be remiss to write this without a special shout-out to all the women who were involved in this project – design, show operation, stage management, technical and production. It’s an amazing group of women who are powerful and inspiring. To this group of ladies, thank you for the smiles, laughs, strength and support even in the moments where you were close to tears!

International Women's Day

Pictured: Christina Houghton, Sr. Strategist; Megan Gashen, Production Coordinator; Megan Barron, Account Director; Jessica Buck, Executive Producer; Irene Boschetti, Content Producer; Lindsay McLaughlin, Content Producer; Dina Bogan, Content Producer; Christa Burke, Sr. Production Coordinator